Man and woman standing in front of lookout.

Finally! Francine’s family reunion

During her NDIS planning meeting Francine had let her support team know that she has not seen her family in a little while and would like to plan a trip to see them in Brisbane.

After liaising with her brother Marc, a date was set! Francine set off to the travel agent with her Support Coordinator to get a quote for accommodation, flights, car hire, and finalised her finances.

Mandy (a Mai-Wel Disability Support Worker) worked with Francine throughout this process and was able to work with her to do a check-list to make sure she had all the things she needed for her trip. This also included getting ready with packing and more. Mandy was also going on the trip with Francine.

Francine was ready! She loved her flight to Brisbane, and afterwards checked into her hotel. Francine had a great time during her holiday, she went shopping, saw a movie, ate out and importantly was able to visit her brother Marc and had dinner with him, and saw his extended family.

Together, they went to the Brisbane museum where they saw the Disney exhibit and took loads of photos with his family!

Francine is a Supported Independent Living (SIL) participant and as part of her care team, Francine has Mai-Wel Support Coordinators who can make dreams like this, a reality. Who can advocate for Francine and empower her to plan, arrange and travel with support.