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For an All-Inclusive Night of Opulence, Subsidised Tickets are Now Available for Mai-Wel’s 10th Annual Gala Ball!

10th March, 2020|News|

The Mai-Wel Group is excited to announce it will once again be hosting the Annual Gala Ball to celebrate [...]



Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions is a local team, supporting local job seekers and local business.
If you’ve found yourself looking for work or a business needing staff, we’re here to help!
Check out what we’re about at or give us a call on 4015 8400.
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We are an essential service and will continue to provide services to participants. See more details in our short video
If you have questions about our services please reach out to our team on 4057 2900.
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Just in time for the weekend, we are please to share the second edition of the Mai-Wel Bulletin.
To have a read, visit

We are ready and prepared for a new week.
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