Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation of People with Disability

The Disability Royal Commission was established in April 2019 in response to community concern about widespread reports of violence against, and the neglect, abuse and exploitation of, people with disability. Incidents might have happened recently or a long time ago.

The Disability Royal Commission is investigating to:

  • prevent and better protecting people with disability from experiencing violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation

  • achieve best practice in reporting, investigating and responding to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability

  • promote a more inclusive society that supports people with disability to be independent and live free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

What is a Royal Commission?

A Royal Commission is an investigation, independent of government, into a matter of great importance. Royal Commissions have broad powers to hold public hearings, call witnesses under oath and compel evidence, all with a view to understand issues and to make recommendations to government about what should change.

Mai-Wel & the Royal Commission

Mai-Wel has been an advocate for the rights of people living with disability for more than 60 years and will continue to support those actively working for a positive change.

Mai-Wel has had no interaction with the Royal Commission, however should the occasion arise Mai-Wel will be prepared to work with the relevant parties to provide information, advice and support to ensure a desired outcome for the people at the core of our values and vision; people with disability.

Keeping updated with the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission’s newsletter Connect, is available fortnightly to provides updates and news on the Commission’s work. Click here to read Connect.

All information about the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability is available at

Free, independent and confidential support for people with disability, families & carers

Free, independent counselling and advocacy support is available for people with disability who have experienced violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. This support can also help people, including families and carers, engage with the Disability Royal Commission. If you would like support or to find out more, call 1800 421 468 or visit the Disability Royal Commission website.