A woman with pink hair sits next to a child, both sit behind paintings in progress.

Mai-Wel Artist Alex is teaching the next generation

Mai-Wel Artist Alex has recently delivered her SECOND paint and scrape workshop to Thrive Kids Day Care in Raymond Terrace.

Alex has taken part in Mai-Wel’s Creative Arts programs for many years and has a passion for sharing her art with the world. This latest opportunity has seen her teaching the next generation of artists about her art practice, colour theory and giving a fantastic demonstration.

Alex set up the workshop independently and her natural charisma shone through as she helped the children with their artworks throughout the day. All the kids had a wonderful time and made a beautiful artwork each to take home to mum and dad.

As Alex left the daycare, there were a lot of big “thank you’s,” high fives and hugs before she could get out the door.

“It was really good to go back and teach the kids painting techniques,” says Alex, “I felt like it built my confidence up and hopefully we’ll run more workshops in different areas soon.”