A smiling man at the top of a lookout with the ocean in the background.

Above: Adam checking out the view from the Queen’s Wharf tower. 

To Newcastle and Back

Adam’s Day Out

Adam, like many of us, enjoys his alone time and staying in his personal space. Adam decided he needed a good program to help him work towards increasing his social interactions with people in the community.

Adam takes part in a number of activities with us with through our NDIS programs, one of his favourites being swimming twice a week. When staff asked Adam if he would like to take part in some more activities, he became very excited by some of their suggestions.

Adam decided he would like to try out a day trip to Newcastle with his Supporter Worker.

They set out in the morning to Newcastle, taking the train and the tram. After browsing some of the shops and having morning tea at a café, they decided to check out Queen’s Wharf tower to see the views across Newcastle and Stockton.

Despite the drizzling rain, Adam said he loved his day out on the town. He’s already planning to include a ferry ride on the next Newcastle visit!

Sometimes people with disability can struggle with social isolation. Heading out via public transport and checking out the local community was a huge achievement for Adam. We hope to see him continue to smash his goals and continue to engage with our community.

Adam’s advice to those like him who want to get out a bit more but can feel shy?

“Stay calm.”

Pictured: Adam on the train heading to Newcastle, and then at the top of the Queen’s Wharf tower, smiling all the way!

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