Man swimming in the pool

Dive into an Inclusive Environment at Maitland Aquatic Centre

Today, we want to spotlight an incredible local business whose inclusive team have helped our participants thrive; thank you Maitland Aquatic Centre!

We have so many participants who love going to the pool and every time the staff are understanding and supportive to make sure they have a fabulous time. There is a true sense that they genuinely care about the community members who access their facilities, and we want to share just one of these stories.

  • Man and two women standing under an awning.
  • Two men sitting in front of a pool, laughing and holding sausage sandwiches.
  • Man swimming in pool.

For the last few years, Adam (pictured) has attended the Maitland Aquatic Centre on a regular basis. The staff all know Adam on a first name basis, going out of their way to greet him and have a chat. Adam can experience challenges communicating and talking, the staff take extra time and care to communicate and chat with Adam and helping him to pay for entry and make orders independently.

Staff members Jill and Terri always go above and beyond for Adam, even providing him with flippers which he uses every time he’s in the pool.

The staff had this to say about Adam’s visits to the pool:
“Adam makes our day, every time he attends the pool. He is so happy to be on site; that his joy is infectious!”

Adam Support Workers have noticed Adam’s swimming has improved immensely over the years. He has progressed in speed swimming laps, learning to use different pool equipment such as weights and flippers and even his confidence has improved in speaking to community members, lifeguards and other participants at the pool.

Businesses like Maitland Aquatic Centre, that go the extra mile to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, make such a difference to the lives of people with disability in our community.

We want to thank you once again, from our staff, participants and community; we appreciate what you do!