Close up shot of a man holding his chin with his fingers.

Lights, Camera, Work Experience!

One needed headshots, another needed photography experience. Put the two together and what do you get? Great results for two participants at Mai-Wel!

Musician and aspiring actor Christopher has previously launched two albums and has been wanting to delve further into the world of acting. To do this, he needed promotional headshots and a showreel to present at upcoming auditions.

Enter Isaac, who has been attending supports to improve his skills and experience with a goal of gaining work in photography and graphic design. Isaac is a whiz in Adobe Photoshop and has been further building skills in the Adobe Lightroom program. Already in 2022 he has taken product photo’s for Mai-Wel’s pre-employment program, staff photos for ID badges, as well as gone on excursions to take city and landscape photography to begin building a portfolio.

This was the perfect opportunity for Isaac to accept a job from a real-life client. With support, Isaac was able to plan the session, shoot, edit and deliver the final product to a very happy Christopher. This experience was fantastic for Isaac, who practiced using professional photography standards in communicating, location scouting and planning.

Both men gained so much out of this experience. For Isaac, he gained real life work experience. For Christopher, he now has updated promotional material to further his musical and acting aspirations!

Check out the headshots.

Image 1 + 2: Headshots of resident musician and aspiring actor Christopher.

Image 3: Photographer and graphic design whiz Isaac.