Who doesn’t love a holiday?

Emma’s goal was to go on an independent holiday, all to be planned by herself!

Last year, Emma was in isolation like so many and spent her time online, working with the help of Mai-Wel staff member Jacinta to continue striving towards one of her main goals; to go on a holiday. Although lockdown meant Emma couldn’t head straight to the airport to head off on her adventure, however she used her time wisely and planned out a trip to Port Macquarie.

Emma booked accommodation, planned and researched places of interest and booked activities all from the comfort of her own home. Emma was matched with a Support Worker that she got along with, shared some common interest to listen, guide and support Emma to make the decisions needed to smoothly plan her holiday. Emma showcased so many amazing skills during her online supports and even taught our staff a trick or two!

In a short two months from planning and booking, Emma finally got to go on her holiday!

Day 1: Travel Time 

Emma and staff met early to start the trip to Port Macquarie, which included many laughs and karaoke. Once they arrived at the accommodation, it was time for a swim and some dinner at the local club. Emma also made great use of her spa suite accommodation and enjoyed spending some time in the spa before bed.

Day 2: Billabong Zoo and Ricardo’s Tomatoes 

An early start to Billabong Zoo for a Red Panda Encounter! Emma got to feed two red panda sisters their breakfast and spent time learning all about these amazing animals. After the encounter closed due to rain, Emma chose to head to Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries farm for lunch and to pick some strawberries to take home to her family. Rain didn’t dampen the day, Emma had time to fit in some shopping. Woohoo!

Day 3: Wine Tasting at the Vineyards 

The final day included wine tasting. Emma spent the day at the local vineyards testing the variety of wines and made a few purchases to take home with her.

“I had the most amazing holiday and had so much fun!” said Emma.

Emma had such an awesome time on her holiday, that she planned herself. She learnt great communications skills and new ways to use apps on her device to make bookings for the trip. She learnt and showed great independence during her holiday.

Her family said “Thank you SO VERY MUCH for EVERYTHING you have done for Em. She had a FABULOUS time and I can’t believe how many different experiences she had. You are AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And thank you for bringing her home.”

Pictured: Emma meeting the red pandas, picking strawberries and showing off her scrapbook of memories after her holiday!