Man wearing McDonalds uniform giving thumbs up out the front of the store.

Above: Kevin giving a thumbs up in front of McDonald’s Cessnock.

“This is the best job I’ve had”

We caught up with Kevin, one of our job seekers who takes part in Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions Disability Employment Supports (DES). With Mai-Wel, Kevin was able to gain and maintain meaningful employment at McDonalds! Read on to hear what Kevin has to say about his journey with Mai-Wel.

“At each appointment with my Case Manager, Anthony explained how I wanted to work. He looked into many different roles for me, with some not being suitable.

“Anthony asked me if I would be interested in a role with McDonalds Cessnock. This role ticked all the boxes for me: it was close to home, the hours were great and it was explained to me that McDonalds have a fantastic training program.

“Anthony supported me in every step of the process to ensure I was prepared for the interview. I was taken through interview preparation and even had someone supporting me in the interview itself.

“At this point I was introduced to Mai-Wel’s Business Development Team, who assisted me in the process of filling out documents to start my role.

“I was also supported on my first day of work. Starting a new role can be nerve racking, so having a familiar and supportive face made me feel more at ease. Mai-Wel also assisted me in creating a checklist and flip chart to help me complete my daily tasks.

“Mai-Wel made me feel supported in every step of the process. At last Anthony introduced me to the Post-Placement Support team, where I met with Jamie who is now continuing to assist me with my employment. I felt encouraged and supported!”

Mai-Wel caught up with Kevin 6 months into his employment journey with McDonalds.

“This is the best job I’ve had,” says Kevin.

“I have always wanted to work but finding the right job in a location that is accessible to me has made it difficult. Throw in the Covid-19 lockdowns on top of that and it’s been a challenge. But I have started now and I could not be happier to have a job that I can attend and complete my tasks and job duties. Working gives me independence and helps build on my social skills as well.”

Great job Kevin!