Woman in blue and white cricket gear, showing her thumbs up on the field.

Above: Sarina, whose been practicing her cricket AND her writing skills! 

AASC Hunters Cricket Trip to Canberra

By Sarina

Sarina has a unique role here at Mai-Wel Enterprises! She works on a number of administration tasks, like scanning, filing, typing up meeting notes and more! Typing is a big part of Sarina’s role, and she’s been practising to help improve her skills for her tasks in the workplace – turns out she’s a talented writer! Read Sarina’s story below. 

On Saturday, 28th January the mighty All Ability Sports Coaching (AASC) team left Newcastle at approximately 8.30am. We were Canberra bound. There was lots of laughs on the bus. We stopped for lunch on the Canberra side of Sydney at a Coolabah Tree café. After lunch, we got back on the bus and headed to Canberra, arriving at our accommodation at approximately 2.30pm. We unpacked our bags and settled in to our accommodation before boarding the bus at 3pm to go to Kaleen ACT for indoor cricket against Canberra.

We did our warm ups first to help our muscles. Then we split up into 2 nets: division A and B in one net and division C and D in the other nets. In the nets with division C and D, we played pairs batting Dave (Patto) and Sarina (Rasey) scored 36 runs. Then a father and son from Canberra came in to bat. They were sitting on 35 runs, so if they scored of the last ball they would win the game but Dave (Patto) got the stumping which meant the mighty AASC team won!

Then we got changed into our travelling team polo shirts and went upstairs for tea to the club. After tea we went back to our accommodation.

On the Sunday, 29th January we left our accommodation about 8.30am and headed to the ground we were playing at, only to be told that the ground was too unsafe to play on due to rain. We eventually got moved to another ground with a synthetic pitch, which we are used to playing on. We had some adversities to overcome which included playing in the rain, dodging kangaroo and dog poo, and being moved to another ground.

We fielded first as they won the toss and elected to bat first. When Sarina (Rasey) and Dave (Patto) went in to bat at number 6 batting pair, we needed 35 runs as a team to win. Our task was to get bat on ball, think ‘run every time,’ protect our wickets and not get out. We did our job well and did everything that was asked of us. Then when our last batting pair Number 7 went in to bat we needed 25 runs to win. All of the AASC Hunters rallied around our fellow players, cheering them on to victory after 2 overs. We did well against mostly mainstream players.

After our win, we went for a drive up to Mt Ainslie lookout and then back to our accommodation, where most of us went for a swim in the pool in the rain. Then we all as a team gathered on the deck near the pool and played card games, listened to music, had tea and then had a sing-along when Coach got his guitar out. On the Monday, 30th January we began our journey back towards Newcastle.

It was a great trip with lots of memory making, team bonding and looking out for each other.