Managing an NDIS plan can be just plain confusing. With so many providers and services it’s difficult to know where to turn.

Our Support Coordinators are here to listen, learn your goals, connect the dots and help you make the most out of your NDIS plan.

What does a Support Coordinator do for me?

Your Support Coordinator is an NDIS whiz! They are experts at making sense of all the jargon and helping you to understand and use your plan to reach your goals! This includes:

  • Teaching you to understand the NDIS process and best use your funding.
  • Helping you uncover your goals and ensure your NDIS plan works towards these.
  • Connect you with a network of the best, local providers and services for your goals and strengthen your support systems.
  • Step in when there are any issues around service delivery or points of crisis.

Support Coordinators empower YOU to ‘do the things’ to achieve your own goals!

What are the levels of Support Coordination available?

We offer three levels of Support Coordination. The one that best suits you will depend on your needs and goals.

Support Connections is best if you need:

  • Assistance to understand your plan
  • Options and connections with NDIS and other meaningful support options in your area (such as community programs, allied health professionals etc.)
  • Help to strengthen your ability to coordinate supports on your own

This is the most common Support Coordination service! Most people receive this level of assistance, which includes everything from Support Connections and:

  • Help to design the right mixture of supports and services to pursue your goals and maintain your quality of life
  • Work with you, your family, and carers to build confidence and resilience to coordinate not only supports but your life more independently.

Some situations can be more complex, or you may be experiencing a crisis that requires specialist support. Your Specialist Support Coordinator will provide:

  • Help to address barriers and reduce the complexities with the help of a strong support network
  • Be an advocate for you with your support networks and other parties to coordinate and smoothly deliver your plan
  • If ever in a crisis situation, they will step in to ensure you’re getting consistent and tailored services.

Would you like some help to find the best supports for you?

Our Intake Team know all about the supports available across Mai-Wel and are ready to chat to you about the supports that may best suit your needs and goals.
You can contact the Intake Team using the online form at the button below, call them on (02) 4057 2900 or email