Request to Amend a Support Schedule

This form should only be used for Participants who have a current Service Agreement for supports with Mai-Wel.  It is to be used to request a permanent change to a support schedule.  One off changes can still be organised directly with a Practice Lead or Manager.

To enable Mai-Wel to respond to a request, please allow up to 2 weeks for the request to reviewed and actioned.  During this time, we will determine if we are able to facilitate the change requested and will make contact with you to discuss your options.

To request a permanent change to a support schedule, please complete the form below as best you can to ensure we have as much information as possible to consider and action your request.

If you wish to discuss the information in this form further, please contact our Supports, Transition and Referral Team (STaRT) on 4057 2900 or email

What Business Unit/s currently provide your support *
What Business Unit/s do you require a change in supports? *
What type of amendment is required to your supports? Please tick. *
Timeframe for Amendments – I understand it may take up to 2 weeks to review and action the requested changes.
Will this support require activity-based kilometres? *
By submitting this contact form I accept that my contact details provided will be used by Mai-Wel to respond to my enquiry. *