A collage of people tending the garden and making pots.

Potting Plants has never been so fun!

Today the Green Thumbs crew from Creative Connections welcomed a visitor to the cottage to run a fun workshop creating Lighthouse Succulent Pots. Chris from ‘Priscilla’s Pots’ shared her passion for plants and showed examples of her work. After this the group had a chance to create their own unique themed planter using terracotta pots, painting the lighthouse doors and windows in preparation for next week’s building of the lighthouse sculpture and planting of assorted succulents.

It was perfect weather for artistic creation and tending to the cottage raised garden beds outside, which are flourishing. Herbs, lettuce, beetroot, purple carrot and nearly ripe strawberries were all watered once the group had finished with their pot creation.

The gardens source fresh organic produce to our Confidence in the Kitchen group, who also use the kitchen to learn and improve their cooking skills.

We spoke to the Green Thumbs group to get their feedback on the day of potting and gardening:

Samantha says, “I like gardening, putting the different plants and flowers into the soil.”

Nick shared that he has friends at ‘Green Thumbs’. Nick likes to water the plants at Purple Pear Farm and our garden beds.

  • Man working in the garden.
  • Man with mask watering plant in garden bed.
  • Man painting a pot purple.
  • Woman pointing at a pot plant on a table.
  • Pottery in the shape of a lighthouse.

Above: Check out some of the shots of participants tending the garden and creating their pottery masterpieces. 

Dan likes everything about gardening programs, learning about plants at home and at ‘Green Thumbs.’ Dan’s favorite plants are flowers, and he is eagerly waiting for the sunflowers and poppies to bloom.

Ben has been shredding lots of paper waste today to use in their garden beds, which he does “to help the plants grow and keep them warm.”

Harry says Support Worker Kellie is awesome, “She’s fun and entertaining and likes to get her hands dirty too!”