Jesse experiences the benefits of  The Hills new sensational sensory room!

The Hill has recently debuted its new sensory room for participants to enjoy a calming and relaxing environment. This new addition to The Hill has already been a hit with many participants and it has been exciting to watch everyone engaging with and enjoying the new resource.

Jesse in particular is enjoying the space and is benefitting from engaging with the sensory room experiences, which he now visits several times a day.

When Jesse first started attending The Hill, he often hesitated to join in on activities in a group setting, preferring to observe rather than participate. This is partly because he is a very active person, physically and mentally, sometimes causing him to become over-stimulated and unable to focus on one thing for very long. For him, the sensory room has proven to be a valuable space where he can decompress and settle his emotions when they become overwhelming.

Jesse adores being in the new sensory room. It acts as an oasis where he can spend time sitting calmly and quietly, taking in all the different features, including the different colours, lights, bubbles and relaxing sounds and music.

Since the sensory room has opened, Jesse has increased his social interactions with participants and staff. Having a dim calming room where he can be alone with a support worker has provided Jesse with a space where he feels safe and comfortable, giving him the chance to take charge of his emotions.

The new sensory room at The Hill is just the first of two sensory rooms and a sensory garden that are being developed as part of Mai-Wel’s Sensational Spaces project. You can experience the fantastic results of the first room for yourself by watching the video linked here:

The Hill is a purpose-built centre for lifestyle and leisure day service and activities catering for people with disability who have moderate to high support needs.  To learn more about the services available at The Hill and how to get involved, call 02 4015 8930 or email