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Mai-Wel has over 50 years of experience providing supported holidays, along with weekend and evening leisure and recreational programs.

We can provide a holiday for people, with or without their families, which provides independence whilst at the same time providing respite for their carers.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to deliver our Supported Holiday services. We are looking forward to recommencing our Supported Holidays when it is safe to do so for our participants and staff.

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Luke’s first holiday with friends

In October 2019, he took his first holiday with friends to Brisbane and had a ball! Check out his story in this short video.

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At 63, Jennifer is thrilled to have found employment as a sewing assistant.
Jennifer says gaining employment has been important to her. “It makes me feel successful again,” she said.

#disabilityemployment #mymaitland #employment

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