Staying happy and healthy during COVID-19 with Mai-Wel’s Supported Living

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mai-Wel’s Supported Living residents have been staying safe by minimising unnecessary contact with those outside their home. Many of the group activities that residents enjoyed were also closed during the crisis, so it was time for residents to get creative with how they’ve been spending their time!

To keep everyone engaged while staying safe at home, Supported Living staff jumped at the opportunity to learn new skills and activities, with Nintendo Wii games such as dancing, exercise activities and bowling keeping everyone energized and cheery. Residents have also been staying busy in the garden, planting vegetables and flowers in the fresh air and sunshine.

Residents have also been learning and developing their daily living skills, particularly cooking and testing new recipes. Craft activities such asknitting and diamond dots have been popular amongst residents who have enjoyed keeping busy with artistic endeavors.

Due to the limited opportunities to interact with people outside of their home, residents have learned how to participate in video calling, stayingin touch with family and friends. Keeping in contact with doctors and allied health professionals via video conferencing has also ensured that the health care needs of residents have been maintained.

Supported Living residents are looking forward to participating and engaging with the community more with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. As more places open and group activities slowly pick up, residents will begin to head back to their regular activities in the community and enjoy the opportunities available.

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