The Mai-Wel Group offer a range of programs of supports for people with disability with NDIS goals to learn new skills, enjoy new experiences, meet new people and explore their community.

Programs of Support available

Mai-Wel's skill building supports encourage participants to brush up on existing skills and learn new ones.

Confidence in
the Kitchen

Learn to meal plan, budget, shop and prepare meals using kitchen utensils and appliances safely in a social group setting.

to Nature

Explore the beauty of our natural environment by using organic materials, like leaves, sticks and flowers, to create art tools, inks and artworks!

Mai-Wel community access supports see participants heading out into the community to experience different things and events while learning skills for independence.


Garden enthusiasts come together, grow a passion for plants and all things gardening, learn new techniques and skills, and harvest a crop of fruit and vegetables.

Mai-Wel participants have access to a range of resources, facilities and experienced Mentors to learn a full range of visual arts, music, performance and creative endeavors.


Explore mindfulness through art making and movement, and explore how art and movement can be used as a tool to for wellbeing through creative practice.

Abstract image of Newcastle Museum which is the location of Connected to Newcastle Program of Support

to Newcastle

Connect creatively and draw inspiration from Newcastle’s landscape, history, coastline, environment and culture, to create a collaborative art installation.

Maitland Regional Art Gallery on High Street has a colourful wall mural

Arts 4

Explore art exhibitions and cultural experiences in Maitland and surrounding areas, and engage in individual and collaborative projects in the studio.

Would you like some help to find the best supports for you?

Our Intake Team know all about the supports available across Mai-Wel and are ready to chat to you about the supports that may best suit your needs and goals.
You can contact the Intake Team using the online form at the button below, call them on (02) 4057 2900 or email