Roeshene has found meaningful employment with Sharkskin in Beresfield!

Roeshene joined Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions (MWLFS) Transition to Work (TtW) employment program with the goal to study and work part-time. Through TtW she learned skills to apply for jobs of interest, practiced interview skills and accessed additional training and experience.

When she was job-ready, Roeshene was marketed to suitable employers and was successful in her application for a role at Sharkskin, a local business making wetsuits and other water sport apparel and clothing.

Roeshene enjoys her job and the people she works with. On a daily basis, Roeshene can be found packing, trimming and labelling rash shirts/wet suits and other water sport apparel. She also assists with quality control processes, ensuring high quality garments are supplied and delivered.

Since working she is developing confidence and independence in the role and is showing a greater understanding of business and workplace requirements. The MWLFS Post Placement Support team are in regular contact with Roeshene, supporting her to achieve her goals.

Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions look forward to continuing to work with Sharkskin to support youth and people with a disability to achieve their employment goals.

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