Put the ‘Fun’ in ‘Fundraising’ during Move for Mai-Wel

We are all excited to Move for Mai-Wel this August. By walking, wheeling or running, we want to get hearts pumping, have some fun, all while helping to raise funds for the upgrade and development of infrastructure and recreational spaces within Mai-Wel’s homes and facilities!

The Mai-Wel Group aims to create an array of spaces for people with a disability in which they can grow, learn and have fun. With funds going towards such a worthy cause (and not to mention prizes up for grabs), we thought we would put together a list of ideas on how to get the most out of your Move for Mai-Wel experience.

Read on for some ideas on how to spruce up your fundraising for Mai-Wel (with a bit of fun thrown in!)

  1. Matched Giving

Double your donation and make an impact! One way to increase the amount of money you can raise through your Move is matched giving. Matched giving means for every dollar that is donated to your Move, you match the amount with a donation of your own. By entering into a partnership with your sponsors to match their donations, you both receive twice the good feeling for the same amount of money!

You can cap this amount at whatever you are comfortable with. However, if matched giving isn’t for you, don’t stress! There are many more ways to increase the donations you get during your Move.

  1. Get Moving in Style

Why not get moving in style by vowing to walk, wheel or run a certain amount of kilometres wearing something fun! Maybe you want to do 20 kilometres in August wearing a hotdog costume, get outdoors in your pyjamas, or walk around the block each day in your high heels.

Not only will this add an element of fun to your move, but it may give you an edge in securing sponsors and donations. Making your Move stand out visually can not only be enjoyable for you, but even more fun for those watching your progress.

This will also create more opportunities to spread Mai-Wel’s message when you’re out on your Move. If people ask you why you’re wearing something quirky, you can point them to our Move for Mai-Wel website. And hey – they might even make a donation in your name!

  1. Get on the ‘Gram’ with your Graphics Kit!

The more people who know about your Move, the more people will donate! Upon registration, you will receive an email with a DropBox link providing graphics you can use to advertise your Move. Pair your graphics with a link to make a donation and let all your friends know you’re on the Move and encourage sponsors!

By regularly posting about your Move, you can keep your supporters up to date on your progress so they stay invested. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #moveformaiwel when posting about your Move.

  1. Base Your Km Goal on Donations Raised

Challenge your supporters to challenge you! Let your supporters know that you will walk a certain distance based on how much they donate. This could be as small as vowing to walk 100 metres for every $5 donation or as large as dedicating a 20km hike for every donation over $100! Not only is this a fantastic way to raise money for the competitive at heart, but it is also a great motivator knowing that every step is guaranteed to raise money for Mai-Wel!

You could also frame this by challenging yourself to walk a certain distance and asking for a set amount of money per kilometre. For instance, if you want to walk 100km over August, you can ask your sponsors to donate 50 cents per kilometre, for a lump sum of $50 if you reach your 100km goal. They could donate this each week as you update your sponsors about how much you have moved, or calculate the sum at the end of your challenge (donate by 31st August at the latest to count this towards a chance at the amazing prizes on offer for most donations!)

  1. Set Yourself a Training-Based Goal to Reach by the End of August

Use Move for Mai-Wel as an excuse to reach your own personal training goals.

From the regular marathon runner to the self-proclaimed couch potato, anyone can benefit from challenging themselves, and you can advertise this to your potential sponsors. It’s great to have a goal that not only helps raise money for Mai-Wel, but can also give you a sense of accomplishment! This is also a great way to get sponsors to become invested in your goal for Move for Mai-Wel, as they watch your progress towards this goal each week on your social media and cheer you on. Here are some examples of goals you could set yourself during Move for Mai-Wel:

  1. Aim to Increase the Distance you Can Walk, Wheel or Run at One Time

You could aim to increase the amount of distance you can walk, wheel or run at one time and keep updates on how this increases each week. If you’re not usually a runner, maybe your goal could be a simple as learning to run a certain distance in one go. Your goal and distance is completely in your control!

  1. Aim to Increase the Speed you can Walk, Wheel or Run at One Time

The faster you walk, wheel or run, the faster you can get your heart beat pumping! This is great for a range of health reasons, as well as a great way to measure your success during Move for Mai-Wel. Measure how long it takes you to walk, wheel or run a certain route and vow to your sponsors that you aim to double, triple or some other denomination, this time over the month of August. You can then post an update of your speed each week along with your km update and share.

  1. Pick a Particular Hike, Mountain or Other Location to Conquer

Is there a mountain you’ve always wanted to climb, or an overnight hike you’ve always wanted to explore? Why not make this part of your goal for Move for Mai-Wel? Let your sponsors know you’re training to do a hike/climb in the month of August and use your weekly kilometre update as a progress update for your fitness journey. When the time comes to do your hike and take the opportunity to grab some amazing pictures for the gram, to show your supporters that you’ve achieved your goal but also to remember the achievement yourself!

  1. Set A Creative Goal of Your Choice

Think of something completely out of the box to set as your goal.

Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to walk on a different type of terrain each week (ensuring you social distance wherever you go), such as sand, hills, mountains, rocky, concrete paving etc.

You could set a goal to take a photo each time you travel out to Move and upload this to Instagram every day.

Perhaps you could pick out a long audiobook to listen to each time you Move for Mai-Wel and aim to Move enough to finish it by the end of August.

The possibilities are endless!