Mai-Wel is focused on providing vibrant and innovative services with top quality resources and facilities that provide the best opportunities for people with a disability.

Below is some information about the exciting projects underway with Mai-Wel.

Sensational Spaces, at The Hill

Our Sensational Spaces project will deliver two sensory rooms and a sensory garden for the people with a disability who participate in services at The Hill.

Imagine dedicated spaces where sensory stimulation can be controlled by the user to suit their individual needs. Spaces with projectors, light wheels, fibre optics, lamps, sounds/noises, smells, textures, and tactile sensory objects are integrated, to provide sensory stimulation and relaxation, whilst reducing the barriers that disrupt quality of life and build on the skills necessary for social wellbeing – this is our dream for our Sensational Spaces.

Research suggests that multi-sensory stimulation can provide opportunities for people to develop or reactivate their senses.
The relaxing and rejuvenating affects have long term benefits, including; a reduction in behaviours of concern; ability to communicate thoughts and feeling in alternate ways, improved social, emotional and physical wellbeing and improved access, participation and choice for people with disability.

Through engagement with industry professionals including local landscapers and a sensory artist/designer, the Sensational Spaces will be custom created spaces for our participants to enjoy. To hear more about the project, watch our interview above with Manager of The Hill, Margo.

The project is currently under construction thanks to funds raised at Mai-Wel’s events and initiatives in 2019 and a grant from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation. Click here to read about the successful grant application.

Project update
9 July 2020

We are happy to share a glimpse of the first sensory room installed and completed as part of this project! We can’t wait for our participants to experience the multi-sensory space and the reap the many benefits.

Sensory room #2 is in planning to be completed in September 2020.

Project update
20 August 2020

The sensory stimulation room, the second sensory room of this project, is now installed and ready to be enjoyed by our participants at The Hill.

Plans are in the place for the sensory garden.

Our participants are reaping the benefits of their time in the sensory room. Read about Jesse’s experience in the sensory space on our News page.

Read about Jesse’s sensory experiences

Due to current world events, Mai-Wel’s major fundraising activities for 2020 have been postponed, including our 10th Annual Gala Ball. This has a big impact on our ability to fundraise for the remaining funds needed to complete this project. If you would like to donate to Mai-Wel in support of this project and others to assist with the upgrade and development of infrastructure and facilities, click the link below.

Donate to Mai-Wel
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We know that coming forward to share your experience with us is a big step. We want to make it as easy as possible. Please tell us about any support you need. Counselling and support is available to help you too.

Zoe is enjoying her new employment at KFC Heatherbrae. She is building independence and loves meeting new people. Zoe is working towards one day working in the kitchen.
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