Pauline loves her fully funded pink powered wheelchair!

Pauline, one of Mai-Wel’s Supported Living residents, was very excited to receive a brand new, powered wheelchair (PWC) in her all-time favourite colour – pink! With the price of the chair being almost $23,000, the Mai-Wel team pulled together and succeeded in getting the chair fully funded by the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

Over the past few years, Pauline has been limited as to when and where she could access the community. After a number of falls, a broken leg and some time in hospital, Pauline began to utilise a manual wheelchair to help get around safely. Unfortunately, the chair was heavy and difficult to push so the Mai-Wel Support Coordination team and Pauline’s family looked into the cost of purchasing a PWC, which they found to be extremely expensive.

Together the Support Coordination team, Pauline’s support staff and family worked together to come up with a plan to get Pauline a much needed PWC.

Through an early plan review and some coordination, Pauline was able to hire a PWC to test. The trial was a success and after some back and forth phone calls and emails, funding for Pauline’s new PWC was approved by the NDIA within the week! Funding for this equipment can sometimes take months!

Mai-Wel Support Coordination, Raechel, worked alongside Pauline’s Occupational Therapists and family to get the chair funded.

“It makes it all worth it when we get a great outcome and make such a positive impact in our participant’s lives. We have such a great team,” said Raechel.

Having the PWC was important in enabling Pauline to access the community more easily and safely, as the chair is able to manoeuvre over gutters and uneven surfaces.

The chair was custom designed by Active Mobility for Pauline’s height and needs, making it a much more comfortable ride.

The chair was delivered to Pauline by Occupational Therapists (OT), Ebony who was part of the process, and Jo who helped build, adjust and train staff on how to use the custom-made hot pink chair. Both OTs are from Mitchell Integrated Therapy.

When Pauline first saw Jo and Ebony bringing in the PWC, she was so surprised that she covered her face in excitement, knowing instantly the new chair was for her. Pauline screwed her nose up at her old chair and gestured with her thumb as if it say “take it away”. She then touched the arm of her new chair and blew everyone a kiss. With pink being Pauline’s favourite colour, she laughed as she pointed at the colour of her Support Coordinator Raechel’s nails, which had just been painted bright pink, perfectly matching Pauline’s new wheels.

Pauline’s sister Wendy and her husband Neil were there to watch Pauline receive her new wheelchair and after it was delivered they joined Mai-Wel staff and Pauline for a trip down to the local café for morning tea to test out her new PWC.

Not only has Pauline’s access to the community been improved with the help of her new PWC, but it has also already assisted her to attend an imaging appointment.

Mai-Wel’s Supported Living Service Lead, Bianca, said “Pauline thinks she is the bees knees in her hot pink chair!”

Bianca also commended OTs Jo and Ebony, for being thorough and professional throughout the whole process.

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Pictured above: Pauline (in front) pictured with Mai-Wel’s Supported Living Service Lead Bianca, Mitchell Integrated Therapy OT Ebony, Mai-Wel Support Workers Sarah and Carmen, and Mitchell Integrated Therapy OT Jo.
Pictured below: Pauline (in front) with her the sister Wendy and brother-in-law Neil.