Participants Get Started learning about COVID-19 safety

After four months of virtual supports conducted with online video software, Zoom, Get Started participants have officially returned to face-to-face supports, but things are looking very different!

During the virtual support period, Mai-Wel has spent time implementing changes to the way face-to-face supports are delivered in accordance with the COVID-19 rules and regulations to ensure participants and employees are safe.

The timing made for a perfect opportunity to focus the first session back on Health and Safety within the workplace and the duties and responsibilities of participants and employees.

Get Started participants Jayden and Bradley engaged in a tour of the Mai-Wel office, discussing the different rules and changes that have been put in place. Further, these were translated into the health and safety rules within their school, community and homes to show the participants’ what their duties are to ensure safe in their different environments.

Another activity saw the participants engage in an interactive virtual tour of different workplaces, where they were required to identify hazards and determine how they would problem-solve to rectify these hazards.

From here the participants used the onsite training café as a simulated work space, identifying hazards in a more practical environment. Participants were required to assess the kitchen and then set the kitchen up to cook M&M cookies safely.

Through these activities participants can better understand Health and Safety requirements and will continue to learn and keep up with any changes to these rules and regulations as they come.

Get Started is a centre-based support program that participants in Year 11 and 12 can come and get involved in one day a week. Since late 2018, Beyond Bank has been partnering with Mai-Wel to fund the Get Started initiative, supporting young people with disabilities in their transition from school to work. We want to give a big thankyou to the team at Beyond Bank for their ongoing support.

Visit the Get Started information on the Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions website  for more, or contact our team at 4015 8400, or