The Hill Head to the Newcastle Foreshore!

The Hill’s Social & Recreational Squad has been out and about once again, this time with a visit to the Newcastle Foreshore!

Every 6 weeks, staff and participants discuss the places and activities they would like to visit during their upcoming Community Access activities, which take part every Friday. The group picked a walk to the Newcastle Foreshore as one of the activities they would like to take part in.

During this day out, the participants and staff enjoyed a walk and picnic lunch out at Newcastle’s Foreshore. The team stopped to watch the dogs running along Horseshoe Beach and even got to pat some of the dogs who were out for a walk with their owners. They also enjoyed watching the boats out in the harbour and all watched in awe as the tiny tugboats steered a massive container ship into the harbour.

Margaret said, “I really enjoyed watching the tugboats and container ships, and patting the dogs!”

This is a walk that the group tries to get out to visit every month or so, depending on the weather. Unfortunately, this visit got cut short due to an incoming storm, but the group still had a wonderful day out!

The group are hoping to visit the Newcastle Foreshore again very soon, with fingers crossed for better weather.

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Pictured: Desmond, Richard and Margaret were all excited to see the tugboats & container ship.

Pictured: Richard Clarke standing in front of the tugboats and container ship in the harbour. 

Pictured: Sharon looking happy because she saw lots of dogs walking around with their owners.

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