The Hill Head to Oakvale Farm!

Participants at The Hill have the opportunity to take part in activities that see them heading out into the community to have some fun.

Staff and participants have a discussion every 6 weeks to organise the future activities and places the group would like to visit in their Community Access activities each Friday. The group decided they would like to head out to Oakvale Farm, which The Hill visits at least once every year. As you can clearly see in the pictures, everyone had a fantastic time!

Before the trip, staff at The Hill contacted the site to discuss the safe pathways for mobility devices and completed risk assessments to ensure the group’s safety.

On the Friday of the visit, the participants were transported out to Oakvale Farm, where they spent three hours visiting all the different farm and native animals. They got to observe each exhibit and learn a bit more about each of the animals. Everyone loved patting the baby goats, sheep, miniature ponies and kangaroos, with help from the staff to interact with each animal safely.

Donna said she loved patting the animals, especially the baby goats. Her other highlight of the day included getting to purchase food to feed the kangaroos by hand.

Overall it was a beautiful sunny day and the group had an amazing time with both the animals and laughing with each other as they explored the farm.

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