Samantha’s exciting start with Mai-Wel

Meet Samantha, a participant at The Hub who says she loves coming to her supports and making friends. Having relocated from Sydney back in 2019, attending The Hub has helped Samantha get to know Mai-Wel and meet new friends which has all contributed to a smooth transition for Samantha.

Samantha’s mum Jacqueline told us a bit more about how supports at The Hub helped her after moving up to the Hunter area from Sydney.

“Samantha had been living in a group home in Sydney for 21 years, had many friends, been well cared for and was happy.

In 2019, the time had come when she felt she would like to be closer to me. As the time approached when Samantha would move in with me, we applied for supports through Mai-Wel.

For the past three months, Samantha has been getting to know the Mai-Wel family, both the other participants and staff, by attending The Hub Maitland. Of course on the first day we were both nervous, but from the moment we walked in we were made to feel welcome. Samantha has been treated with such thoughtfulness and respect.

I could not have believed she would be offered so many opportunities, such as aqua-golf, trampolining, fishing, bowling, art and many other activities. I have seen Samantha’s confidence grow and she has become much more communicative and excited every day about going to The Hub.

Samantha is now ready to move into her new home with Mai-Wel and thanks to her involvement in The Hub, is familiar with the people she will live with. She has taken part in many centre and community-based activities with them and feels safe at Mai-Wel. Rather than being hesitant, she is now excited and asking me when she can move in and be with her friends.

The Hub is the most amazing, strength-based concept that is focused not only on the participants, but on assisting the family as a whole. I am so grateful that Samantha has the opportunity to be part of Mai-Wel and The Hub.”

Congratulations to Samantha!

For more information on life-skills building activities available through The Hub, our about our Living Options supports, visit our website or contact us at or (02) 4057 2900.


Pictured: Two images on a blue background. Left image shows Samantha taking part in a community access program with The Hub, looking at the remote control car set up at Feral Archery. The right image shows Samantha having lunch at Lavenders Cafe in Maitland.

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