Montana dressed in black standing with an Aj's Cafe sign


Montana’s getting a taste for the hospitality industry during work experience at AJ’s Café!

Two weeks ago, Montana started her first day of work experience at AJ’s Café in Huntlee. She’s been  spending 2 hours per week at the busy café, learning to serve customers and building her customer relationship skills.

Her duties include making coffees and other drinks, preparing small meals, delivering food, maintaining high standards of personal hygiene and efficiently cleaning the kitchen and dining area. These skills are very important when working in the hospitality industry and work experience at the café has been a fantastic way for Montana to learn about the expectations of working with food, hygiene and WHS standards.

Montana’s work experience is helping to build essential skills for her working life, as well as building up her stamina and endurance, preparing her for longer working hours.

Montana will be attending AJ’s Café for the next 6 weeks to continue to learn and build her skills with the hope of gaining employment in the hospitality industry.

Montana is taking part in Mai-Wel’s School Leaver Employment Supports Step Up program, which has been assisting her journey to employment through skill building activities to help develop her employment skills and workplace knowledge, and real work  experience opportunities like at AJ’s Café to support her to develop her capacity for work. Mai-Wel’s School Leaver Employment Supports is now available in Maitland and Cessnock.

Learn more about building capacity with these supports on the School Leaver Employment Supports page of the Mai-Wel LabourForceSolutions website, or contact the team by emailing or calling 4015 8400.


Montana dressed in black standing with an Aj's Cafe sign

Pictured: Montana standing in front of AJ’s Cafe’s sign, where she will complete work experience over a period of 6 weeks.