Jennifer’s confidence has grown with new employment opportunity

Meet Jennifer, another Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions success story, who is thrilled to have obtained employment at 63 years of age as a sewing assistant!

Jennifer was a job seeker with MWLFS Disability Employment Services (DES) and was initially unsure if she would be able to gain employment. However, her Case Manager helped Jennifer believe that gaining employment was possible and helped prepare her to go for the role of sewing assistant. When Jennifer was told she had gotten the role, she was extremely excited and since starting she is learning the role well.

Jennifer says gaining employment has been important to her as “it makes me feel successful again.”

The Post Placement Support Team worked with Jennifer and her employer on work place modifications to best support her in maintaining her role, which included fan set up at her table and a suitable chair.

Jennifer says she feels very happy and content now she has gained employment. It has helped her confidence in other aspects of her life. One of these includes now being able to use the Hunter Expressway; Jennifer hadn’t had the confidence to put herself in a position where she needed to merge into traffic before, but now she has the confidence it’s making it a lot easier to travel to and from work!

“The plan now is to contently work out until my retirement,” says Jennifer. The Mai-Wel Post-Placement Support Team will be with her every step of the way.

Congratulations Jennifer!

If you would like more information about how our team can help you in the search for meaningful employment, visit the Disability Employment Services page of this site or contact us on 4015 8400 or

Pictured: Jennifer is enjoying her new job and independence.