Bradley made a splash at the Maitland Pool!

Every Thursday, the team at The Hill, Mai-Wel’s purpose-built centre for lifestyle and leisure day services catering for people with disability with moderate to high support needs, head out to Maitland pool to splash around, have some fun and get some exercise at the same time.

Bradley loves heading out to the pool on a Thursday with Support Workers Anna and Chad! As Bradley is unsteady on his feet when on uneven ground, he usually requires support to walk in certain environments. For this reason, swimming is a fantastic form of exercise for Bradley to build his strength and develop fitness, following an Occupational Therapist plan made specifically for him. Both these skills help to increase Bradley’s mobility outside of the pool.

On top of that, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get out into the community and increase his social engagement while having some fun with his support worker in the pool. Bradley’s behaviour is always top notch and he always follows safety instructions, including his support worker’s verbal instructions in the pool as well as Covid-safe guidelines when out in the community. Getting a chance to interact with other members of the community at the pool has also been an added bonus for Bradley.

As a result of these Thursday sessions at the pool, Bradley has not only increased his fitness, but has experienced improvements in his behaviour and increased independence.

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Pictured: Bradley absolutely loves having a splash around in the pool with his support worker, getting some good exercise in at the same time. 

The Hill is a purpose-built centre for lifestyle and leisure day service and activities catering for people with disability who have moderate to high support needs. Participants are assisted to develop their skills, achieve their goals and participate in the community.

To learn more about the social and recreations activities available on The Hill’s page on this site or contact the team on (02) 4057 2900 or

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