Amie steering the way to her employment success!

Congratulations to Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions (MWLFS) job seeker Amie, who has gained employment as a Medium Rigid (MR) Driver for BIC Logistics Thornton within one month of gaining her MR license!

Amie’s interest in truck driving came from her father, who worked in the mechanical and transportation industries and passed his knowledge and experience down to Amie throughout the years.

With MWLFS, Amie was assisted to complete the theory portion of the Certificate II in Driving Operations. Amie’s Case Manager negotiated literacy and numeracy support and made sure that Amie was able to obtain assistance from the training company for her dyslexia. This support empowered Amie to continue engaging with her learning from home when face-to-face classes stopped due to COVID-19. Amie’s determination and persistence allowed her to successfully complete the learner guides and assessments from home and the theory portion of her class despite the challenges.

Initially, Amie was aiming to gain her Heavy Rigid (HR) license, however decided to reduce this down to an MR level as a stepping stone towards this future goal. Amie backed herself by paying for the practical test with Driver Training NSW independently. Amie’s continual perseverance allowed her to successfully complete the practical portion of her test and gain her MR license!

Within the same month, Amie secured employment as an MR Driver for BIC Logistics and is really enjoying her role and the team she works with when in the yard.

Amie is also volunteering with the Rural Fire Service and hopes that with her new license she will one day be able to gain some experience driving fire trucks.

For more information on how Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions works to break down the barriers to employment with life changing outcomes for people with disability and job seekers experiencing disadvantage, visit the Job Seekers information on the MWLFS website, or contact the team on 4015 8400 or

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