Malachy and Douglas are hitting targets and goals at the archery range!

Once again Feral Archery in Rutherford have invited our participants at Mai-Wel to come and get involved in a sport that is both exciting and accessible for any age, skillset and ability!

As part of their Tuesday supports with Mai-Wel on Vincent at Cessnock, both Malachy and Doug spent a day getting out in the community. This included an hour-long archery lesson with a trainer at Feral Archery’s indoor archery range.

Both Malachy and Douglas loved taking part in their archery lessons, aiming the bow and arrow and trying to shoot the targets. This is a great activity for building hand-eye coordination, keeping both the body and mind active, as well as for team building. Getting out to the archery range and taking part in this sport also acts as an opportunity for Malachy and Douglas to get out into the local community and take part in a sport that is fun and accessible for all.

If you would like to join a new weekly archery group that visits Feral Archery at Rutherford, or one of the many other activities at Mai-Wel on Vincent in Cessnock, please contact our Support Transition and Referral Team on 4057 2900 or

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Pictured: Malachy and Douglas both took turns with the trainers at Feral Archery to aim and shoot at the targets. Both boys had lots of fun!

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