Maitland Business Chamber provides volunteering opportunity to Step Up participants

Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions job seekers gained valuable event preparation work experience with Maitland Business Chamber.

Thanks go to Kate, Executive Officer of the Maitland Business Chamber who offered the volunteer work experience opportunity to job seekers interested in gaining some hands-on experience in event preparation.

This was a perfect opportunity for participants of Mai-Wel’s Step Up program, who are building capacity for working life opportunities and eager to gain experience in a range of different work types. The physical work needed to set up the event aligned with Step Up’s Fit 4 Work group’s goals to build physical skill and endurance for the work place and allowed support staff to observe the group’s stamina and endurance in a real-life work environment. It was also a great chance for participants to participate and build connections with their local community.

In the lead up to the event, the Fit 4 Work group discussed the event with their support staff, and studied and practiced appropriate manual handling techniques, following instructions and team work. The group were keen to assist and eager for the challenge.

On Thursday, 28th October, the participants met with Kate at Gillieston Heights Community Hub to begin set up. Kate provided a floor plan and the participants used their problem solving and team work skills to decide how they would tackle the set-up and what steps were required.

The group’s physical skills were tested in lifting, moving and arranging tables and chairs in line with the floor plan. Their organisational skills were also required to set the tables with table cloths, cutlery, plates and marketing materials. Of course, communication skills were built throughout the process, checking in with each other throughout their various tasks.

After some hard work, the room was ready to for the event!

“The Maitland Business Chamber were delighted by the assistance provided in setting up the venue for our networking lunch,” said Kate, Executive Officer of Maitland Business Chamber.

“The dedication and efforts shown by all participants was greatly appreciated and we will be sure to invite them again for future work experience opportunities.”

Kate thanked each of the participants for their assistance and awarded them with a Certificate of Recognition for their volunteering efforts, which can be added to their resumes.

A big thank you to Maitland Business Chamber for providing this valuable work experience opportunity to Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions job seekers. Sadly, COVID-19 has massively impacted the availability of opportunities like these for our job seekers in 2020/21.

Work experience and volunteer opportunities are so important for participants and job seekers to experience true work environments and practice and build their employability skills. It’s also a valuable tool for support staff to evaluate participant’s skills and knowledge in a practical environment which assists in the planning and preparation of supports.

Step Up are always looking for opportunities like this for small groups of participants. If any companies or businesses can offer an opportunity like this to our Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions job seekers and participants, get in contact with us via the information on our website.


Pictured (from left to right): Jack, Brielle, Charlie, a catering staff member and Emma setting up the room for the Maitland Business Chamber. 

Pictured (from left to right): Jack, Charlie and Brielle making sure everything was in place for the event. 

Pictured: All the tables were covered with table cloth, set out with cutlery, salt and pepper, and hand sanitiser.