Mai-Wel on Vincent boogie down and get active with Zumba sessions!

At The Hub, participants have been working out and having a boogie while doing Zumba at Mai-Wel on Vincent Cessnock!

The Zumba sessions are part of the Body & Soul program, which aims to teach participants to keep fit and healthy both in the mind and body. The Zumba classes, which are accessed via online sessions, have become a quick favourite among participants, who have bundles of fun dancing around the big open space in the Mai-Wel on Vincent centre.

Everyone looks forward to doing Zumba and it’s always a very social morning when everyone gets together for the session. There’s always a lot of laughter together between the participants and everyone loves the upbeat music.

The best part of all? Zumba is a super fun way to keep active and exercise! Zumba is a full body workout that burns calories, builds endurance and can be adapted to any fitness level.

The Body & Soul program is just one of many available to take part in at Mai-Wel on Vincent in Cessnock that are both fun and aimed at building skills for health, independence and/or work readiness.

If you would like to access lifestyle and leisure activities like this at Mai-Wel on Vincent Cessnock, contact the Mai-Wel Support Transition and Referral Team on 4057 2900 or


Pictured: The ladies do online Zumba sessions in the Mai-Wel on Vincent centre in Cessnock.

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