Liam is Seeking Work Experience in Graphic Design

Meet Liam, a talented artist and aspiring graphic designer who is now looking for work experience in the industry!

Liam has been practicing and extending his skills in design software, as well as developing his workplace readiness skills in communication, interview-practice and managing deadlines. In his spare time, Liam  fine tunes his skills, making artworks for musicians and assets for games. You can check out some of Liam’s designs at the end of this article.

Liam takes part in a program called Step-Up, which supports people with disability in the transition from school to working life. He and his Support Worker, Carly have stayed connected in lockdown through weekly catch ups online.

When asked about how his supports with Mai-Wel have helped prepare Liam for work, he said,

“I’ve been learning about better communication skills during my time with Carly and I know this will help me in the future.”

Liam feels prepared to take the next step in his journey and is actively seeking work experience in the field of graphic design.

“My dream job would be one where I could work within a great team of people to help businesses represent themselves visually in the best way that they can,” says Liam.

Participants benefit greatly from learning new skills and knowledge, gaining experience in an industry before committing to further education or pursuing a long-term career, and building capacity for work in general.

If your business can provide Liam with a work experience opportunity, please contact Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions at 02 4015 8400 or


Pictured: Support Worker Carly and Liam on a video call.

Pictured below: Check out some of the graphic artworks Liam has already produced!

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