Learning to cook is a piece of cake at Work Life Connect!

Hunter’s making caramel cake and gaining confidence in the kitchen at Work Life Connect in Cessnock!

“Confidence in the Kitchen” is a program available at Mai-Wel’s Work Life Connect in Cessnock. Hunter started this program back in May 2021. The first step was to develop a 12 week schedule of recipes that he wanted to learn to make. Each week, Hunter is supported to make a new recipe, taking part in each step of the process; from finding and following a recipe, shopping for ingredients practicing WHS in the kitchen and learning new cooking methods.

Hunter decided he wanted to try his hand at making caramel cake and had a whole heap of fun along the way! He did a fantastic job and was able to take his caramel cake back to share with his family and friends at home, along with the recipe and knowledge of how to re-make the sweet treat in the future. Yum!

Cooking is an essential skill in everyday life. This is something Work Life Connect had at the top of mind when developing the Confidence in the Kitchen program. The program aims to teach participants how to choose and make nutritious, simply, tasty meals from start to finish, with assistance from a support worker every step of the way.

Since making his caramel cake, Hunter has continued to build his skills and confidence in the kitchen and learning new recipes.

Good work Hunter!

Confidence in the Kitchen is just one of the fantastic life-skills activities you can take part in at Work Life Connect in Cessnock using your NDIS funding! Join in on the fun by contacting Mai-Wel’s Support Transition and Referral Team at 4057 2900 or start@maiwel.com.au.


Pictured: Hunter making and baking a delicious caramel cake, from start to finish. 

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