Karen’s Keeping Connected During Lockdown

The Mai-Wel Team have been working together to make sure everyone keeps connected throughout lockdown.

Karen, a resident at Mai-Wel’s Supported Living residence Rose Cottage, is currently in lockdown with her three other housemates. Usually she would attend The Hub three times a week, and was thrilled to learn that virtual supports would be continuing.

To ensure Karen would be able to join in on the programs, Support Coordinator Sarah worked with the staff at Rose Cottage to discuss The Hub’s online virtual supports and figure out what the next step was to ensure Karen would be able to join in.

The team downloaded Microsoft Teams and completed a technical test to ensure there were no issues with the connection. Everything was ready for Karen to join in on Monday, just in time for the lunchtime group supports.

Karen was able to catch up with all her friends online and keep connected with Support Worker Emma from The Hub while doing some crafts.

“It was fun,” said Karen, “I loved seeing Emma!”

Karen will be joining in the virtual programs with The Hub until she can safely return to face-to-face supports. She’s happy to still be able to keep up to date with her friends and take part in Creative Arts from the comfort of Rose Cottage.

Participants at The Hub can take part in a range of fun, skill building online programs with during lockdown, including Creative Arts, Fun with Friends, Movement & Wellbeing and Healthy Living! If you would like to join The Hub online via Teams, contact adminlf@maiwel.com to book your spot, or for more information.


Pictured: Karen on her tablet at the dining table, taking part in online supports with The Hub.

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