Kathy’s helping out and expressing herself through art!

Meet Kathy, a participant of Work Life Connect’s Creative Arts program, which runs at Mai-Wel on Vincent, Cessnock.

Through the program, Kathy has been learning new art techniques and really enjoying herself. Have a look at some of her amazing artworks and textile creations!

Kathy became interested in Creative Arts to help achieve some of her goals.

Kathy said, “Creative Arts helps me to socialise and keeps my brain active. I get to go out into the community as well as creating art!”

By attending Work Life Connect’s Creative Arts program, Kathy has been meeting many of her personal goals.

One of these has been to continue with her passion of knitting. Kathy is known for her beautiful knitted beanies and blankets, which she donates to charities for people who are homeless. It is her way of giving back to the community.

Let’s all give a huge round of applause to Kathy!

Do you live in the Cessnock area and want to explore your creative talents? Come join in with the Creative Arts programs at Work Life Connect in Cessnock by contacting the Mai-Wel Support Transition and Referral Team, calling 4057 2900 or emailing start@maiwel.com.au today!


Pictured: Look at some of the wonderful things Kathy has created during her time in Work Life Connect’s Creative Arts programs!

Image 1: Hand knitted beanies of all different colours, including a rainbow striped beanie at the front. 

Image 2: A blue water coloured photo with hands drawn in black ink on top. 

Image 3: A black and white mandala. 

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