Heather bowled her top score

Heather receives support from Mai-Wel so that she can get out and about in the community, often enjoying social outings. She is an avid ten-pin bowler and visits her local bowling alley ‘Salamander Super Strike’ several times a week.

Mai-Wel’s Community Living helps participants like Heather to live their day to day to the fullest and for Heather this means heading out to the bowling alley as much as possible. Heather has been bowling for around 30 years and recently was able to beat her top score!

Along with her Support Worker Heidi, Heather was out at Salamander Super Strike for a few rounds of bowling. At the time her top score was 121, however on this day she beat this with a whopping new score of 161!

“I’m getting good now, aren’t I?” Heather said about her new top score.

Since then, Heather has talked more with staff to learn how the bowling alley functions and getting tips and tricks on how to improve her own bowling skills. Heather had her photo taken with her high score and this was displayed on the Super Strike Lounge page.

Heather has even been versing staff members of the bowling alley to improve her skills. She was very proud to beat one of the staff members with a score of 116!

Now Heather and her supports are investigating what it’s like to be involved in a bowling league and looking into the local disability league.


Pictured: Heather showing off her new high score!

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