Getting Green Thumbs with Get Started

Jake, Jason and Harry have been stretching out their green thumbs and building capacity for work by participating in the Green Thumbs Project as part of their Term 4 Get Started program.

As COVID-19 has limited the options available to take participants out to work experience in the community, Get Started has begun to create a mini-enterprise called “Green Thumbs” to help the participants build capacity and learn valuable skills for working life. The project will run throughout Term 4 and act as a hands on learning approach, where Jake, Jason and Harry will learn how to grow and present herbs and plants for the community.

These skills will help support the boys to build capacity for working life after school. As gardening and landscaping is a huge avenue for employment in the Hunter Region, the Green Thumbs Project will give the boys a taste of what it would be like to work in this industry and start building skills that could help them in the future.

Bunnings Maitland has kindly pledged to donate $650 to kickstart this project. A big thankyou goes out to Bunnings Community Officers Talisha and Kate for helping to organize the donation of plants, pots and soil from Bunnings.

Get Started is an innovative school to work transition service designed specifically for Year 10/11/12 students to prepare for work and for support to access the opportunities that exist after school life.

Pictured: Jake, Jason and Harry during a recent visit to Bunnings.