George’s step towards employment after school

Meet George, who has been using his School Leaver Employment Supports funding from the NDIS to access Mai-Wel’s Step Up program for approximately 12 months.

During this time, George has been working towards his main goal, which is to obtain employment. Step Up have been helping George work towards this goal by creating avenues for him to explore the eight employability skills: communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative, planning and organizing, self-management, learning and technology. With Step Up, George has also engaged in vocational pathways and work experience.

Recently, George was able to reach his first goal to obtain employment with a job delivering brochures. Each Thursday, George delivers brochures for the local PRD Real Estate Agent around the Gillieston Heights and Cliftleigh areas.

George has mentioned that it is important for him to reach his goals. He likes to set himself a goal and do whatever it takes to achieve this. Clearly George’s perseverance has worked in his favour and helped him gain a job he enjoys, getting to work in an outdoor environment. George has also mentioned this job is great for him to achieve his goal of keeping fit.

When George was asked how Mai-Wel was assisting him in his current role, George said, “My Support Worker walks with me. They assist me in preparing and organising the brochures for the day and together we follow a map to ensure the whole area is being completed.”

Now George is working towards building up his hours within this job.

Good luck George!

Do you have School Leaver Employment Supports funding and want to prepare for the world of work? Contact our team today at or 4015 8400, or visit the Step Up page on our website to learn more.


Pictured: George delivering a brochure into a letterbox while smiling at the camera, with two of his support workers smiling with him on the left. 

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