Job seekers get Fit for Work at Walka Water Works

George is a participant of Step Up, Mai-Wel’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program for young people to build capacity and skills for employment. Through Step Up, George has been attending Fit for Work supports that promotes healthy body and mind, building physical skills for the workplace, socialising and communication.

Read on to see what George and the Fit for Work group got up to in their day out at Walka Water Works in Maitland.

“Today our Fit for Work group went to Walka Water Works, just outside of Maitland. We went to Walka Water Works to exercise, socialise and see nature, the wilderness and the scenery.

In our Fit for Work group there were 4 people: Rhiannon, Jack, James and George. We took a look at the Walka Water Works railway, then walked along the lake trail around the dam. We saw views of the Hunter Valley, Maitland and Walka. We sat on the pontoon next to the dam and looked at the water then continued on the trail. We then looked at the fish in the reservoir. In addition, got photos of the scenery. We did this activity for fun, for exercise as part of our Fit for Work group activity and as a social outing to get to know people more.

I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I was happy I could socialise with the other guys in the group and get to know them. Being able to move and exercise was also a great thing to do.”

Step Up participants are able to participate in Fit for Work using their SLES funding to help improve their overall health, motivation and education to prepare themselves for employment.

Fit for Work activities and individual goals may include:

  • Develop positive self-esteem and self-image
  • Self-awareness about being mentally and physically fit for to work
  • Build stamina and endurance for work
  • Introduction to basic exercise. Examples may include; walking, swimming, sports, yoga, Zumba, gym
  • Guest speakers
  • Education around healthy food choices

If you would like for information on getting Fit for Work, visit the School Leaver Employment Support page of this site or contact us on (02) 4015 8400 or

Pictured: Jack, James and George enjoyed their day getting Fit for Work at Walka Water Works.

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