Emily’s trying new things during work experience

As part of Mai-Wel’s Work Life ConnectSchool Leaver Employment Supports’ program at Cessnock, Emily has been taking part in some work experience at Bombora Surf Shop.

Emily started with Work Life Connect using her School Leaver Employment Supports funding, with the goal of trying new things, adapting to change and gaining some skills for employment. Work Life Connect offers School Leaver Employment Support programs with aims to prepare participants for the world of work by providing opportunities for skill-building, building workplace capacity and offering real work experiences that will show participants the expectations in workplace environments they have an interest in.

When Emily first started work experience at Bombora Surf Shop back in March she was nervous at first, however with the help of her Mai-Wel Support Worker she was able to do something new and achieve her goal.

Some of Emily’s duties included working on the shop display, including dressing the mannequin. As you can see in the photograph, she did a great job!

Good work Emily!

You can use your School Leaver Employment Supports funding to build capacity for work with Mai-Wel’s Work Life Connect at Cessnock. Contact the team on maiwel@maiwel.com.au or 4015 8970 to get started today!


Pictured: Emily picking up the tricks of the retail trade as she learns how to put pants on a mannequin. 

Pictured: The shop display Emily helped to set up, with the mannequin she dressed on full display!