Doug wearing black clothing standing inside a ten pin bowling alley with one arm in the air


Douglas’ Week at Mai-Wel on Vincent

Back in July of 2020, we got to introduce you all to Douglas, who was excited to return to supports with Mai-Wel’s Life FUNdamentals at Cessnock after three months social distancing due to COVID-19.

In 2021, Douglas is continuing to take an active part in supports at Mai-Wel on Vincent, Cessnock’s new hub for all Mai-Wel services, ranging from lifestyle and leisure supports to employment services for people with disability and disadvantaged youth.

Last week, Douglas got to take part in the sensory group at Mai-Wel on Vincent!

The sensory groups get to take part in a range of fun activities that aim to stimulate the five senses. Sensory activities are a fun way to engage participants like Doug to develop new skills, improve the social abilities and learn to regulate their emotions.

During this sensory group, Doug got to create his own slime! Slime may seem like a simple toy, however the process of creating slime and the end product help to promote creativity, develop motor skills and help maintain focus by acting as something to fidget with while focusing on other tasks such as listening.

On another day last week, Doug once again went to Mai-Wel on Vincent for a day out with the ‘Chill Out’ group.

With Chill Out, Doug is able to get together with a group and socialise, helping to build up social and communication skills while making new friends at the same time.

On this occasion the group got to go out and play some ten-pin bowling. Ten-pin bowling is another activity that offers numerous benefits to participants like Doug; it’s a great way to move about and get active, it offers a chance for Doug to get out and access the community, and of course most importantly, it’s a whole load of fun!

These are just two of the many activities that Doug can take part in at Mai-Wel on Vincent in Cessnock and he always has a load of fun attending his supports.

If you would like to attend services available from Mai-Wel on Vincent in Cessnock or to learn more about what’s on offer, contact the Mai-Wel Support Transition and Referral Team on 4057 2900 or


Douglas standing at a table with his hands stretching some white slime from a red bowl

Pictured: Douglas taking part in the sensory group at Mai-Wel on Vincent and making slime. 

Douglas standing at the end of the bowling alley with hands in the air, celebrating

Pictured: Douglas head out to the bowling lanes with the Chill Out group. 

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