Darren smashed his goal to enter a demolition derby!

Darren came to Mai-Wel Support Coordination services with a goal to reconnect with the demolition derby community.

Around 12 years ago Darren entered several derbies, however, has since lost touch with the community. Due to his current living situation, Darren was unable to store and work on a car. That’s why he came to Mai-Wel’s Support Coordination, to gain support to find a space to work on a car and get back into the world of demolition derby!

Darren met with Sarah, the Psychosocial Recovery Coach with Mai-Wel’s Support Coordination. Darren was supported to set a series of small goals aimed at achieving his dream to compete in a derby.

During Sarah and Darren’s initial meeting, he mentioned that he wanted to reengage with the demolition derby community and wanted to enter a car in a local derby. Sarah and Darren set off to establish some small attainable goals to make it happen.

First, Sarah had to find a suitable location for Darren to work on the car. This was a long process which was met with many barriers. That was until Sarah got in contact with the Oliver family, who kindly offered for Darren to work on a car on their property and provided guidance in preparation for the big day.

Next, Darren and Sarah had to seach for a suitable and affordable car that met the requirements of the derby. In January 2022, a car was found, and the rest is history!

Sarah liaised with Darren, his regular support workers, other stakeholders and the Oliver family every step of the way.

Darren reconnected with the Derby Community and entered the Maitland Show Demolition Derby on the 19th February 2022. He said he loved hearing the crowd cheer!


Pictured: Check out Darren and his kitted out car at the Maitland Demolition Derby 2022.

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