Curtis moved into his own pad

Curtis was able to move out independently with assistance from Mai-Wel’s Support Coordination!

Curtis first met with Support Coordinator Sarah while he and his family lived in Telarah. At the time, Curtis had trouble engaging with any supports and spent most of is time at home playing computer games. His goal was to engage more with others and the community, which he did through a variety of supports with Mai-Wel.

In May 2021, Curtis and his family moved to Taree. To help with the move and to ensure Curtis could continue working towards his goals, Sarah researched and even drove to Taree to connect Curtis with a local support service suited to his needs. From this point, Curtis engaged in regular community access and group supports with his new provider.

In October 2021, Curtis got back in contact with Sarah to ask for her assistance with his newest goal: to move out of the family home into his own rental!

To work towards organising and preparing Curtis to move out of home, there were several steps that Sarah took as a Support Coordinator.

Sarah working with Curtis’ supports, were able to ensure that his NDIS plan were able to accommodate this request. Sarah ensured that Curtis was able to have enough support while living on his own.

In October, Sarah drove to Taree to spend the day with Curtis and support him to apply for housing. Sarah was able to secure a NDIS plan review and assist him to liaise with other community organisations to secure housing.

All in one day, Curtis was offered a one-bedroom unit only 1km from his family’s home!

Once more, Sarah travelled to Taree to support Curtis to sign the rental agreement, complete the condition report, and complete a budget and list of items he required for the move. In-home supports were also arranged to help Curtis continue to build his capacity to live independently.

“I’m so proud of Curtis for all he has achieved in the last 8 months,” said Mai-Wel Support Coordinator Sarah, “I’m grateful that I could support Curtis with this journey.”

“I love having my own place. It’s so cool. I can’t wait to have people over,” said Curtis.

Now, Curtis is living in his new home and loving it! He has set some great goals for 2022, including expanding his friend groups and inviting some people over for game nights, playing more gold and increasing participation in the community. He also wants to take part in work experience with the hopes of gaining employment in the future.


Young man wearing cap standing in room near power outlet holding up keys in his left hand.

Pictured: Curtis was so happy to get the keys to his new home. 

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