Constructing New Skills with the Woodworking Crew at The Hill!

The Woodworking Crew at The Hill have been combining a love of cricket with their building skills recently, making miniature cricket bats!

The Woodwork group runs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at The Hill. Each day the group works on a different project, which runs for four to six weeks. Participants learn a range of woodwork skills in a friendly, helpful and relaxing setting. There is access to use a large range of machinery, power tools and hand tools with assistance from support staff as needed.

There is always a project on the go and everyone has an opportunity to share their suggestions on what the next project should be. Participants come together in each group to decide which project to take part in, with the cricket bat project being the design of choice this time around.

Staff organise timber and other materials needed to make the project and from here the Woodworking Group can dive straight into creating their masterpieces!

The Woodworking groups at The Hill are very popular. With the skills of the staff and access to a range of equipment, just about any project is possible.

Anton has been really enjoying making his own miniature cricket bat, making it his own by adding his favourite designs to it. Taking part in the Woodworking group has given Anton the skills and confidence to work with different tools, all of which have helped him create the final product – a miniature cricket bat to take home and show off to all his friends and family.

The Hill is a purpose-built facility designed for people with disability living with moderate to high support needs to enjoy lifestyle and leisure day services and activities. If you would like to learn more about our amazing facilities, visit The Hill page on this website.


Pictured: Anton cutting out a piece of wood for his cricket bat. 

Pictured: Anton using the hand planing tool to carve out his cricket bat from the wood. 

Pictured: Anton is getting along great with his cricket bat project!

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