Build Confidence in the Kitchen at Work Life Connect, Cessnock

Katie, Emily, Erin and Jessica have been building their confidence in the kitchen at the Work Life Connect Café in Cessnock!

Confidence in the Kitchen is a 12 week planned activity. Each Monday from 9am to 3pm, the team comes together to plan their meals for the week, researching recipes, writing shopping lists, learning Work Health and Safety practices and a number of other preparations required in order to go home with a delicious meal. By the end of the 12 weeks, the team will have a recipe book of all the meals they’ve created to take home with them.  Now that the program has officially kicked off, the team have had a great time jumping straight in and learning the skills required to make delicious, nutritious meals.

Week one and two included lots of discussion, planning, researching and suggestions about what ‘healthy, nutritious meal options’ actually meant. With assistance from Mai-Wel Support Workers, the team hopped straight into creating a schedule for their meal planning, and collating information around how to make ‘better choices’ when making decisions on meals.

One of the team’s recent meal highlights is their Honey Mustard Chicken with a side of mash and steamed greens. Absolutely nothing was out of a jar and everything was made from fresh ingredients!

We asked Kate what her experience has been in the Cooking with Confidence program has been like so far.

“Working as a team has been great! I also feel more confident to cook at home by myself now.”

Learning how to cook is an important skill for independence and developing skills and confidence in the kitchen. Knowledge around how to make healthy, nutritious meals is a key element of the Confidence in the Kitchen program. Cooking together also helps to foster communication skills and practice working in a team to produce a delicious meal. All these skills are taken home to help participants make healthy choices and cook delicious meals in their daily lives.

The team are extremely excited to continue cooking each week. At the end of each session everyone is already asking “What should we make next week?” They are also looking forward to visiting some local cafés and restaurants in the coming weeks to see what it’s like to work in a commercial kitchen as a Kitchen Hand.

Confidence in the Kitchen is just one of the fantastic life-skills activities you can take part in at Work Life Connect in Cessnock using your NDIS funding! Join in on the fun by contacting Mai-Wel’s Support Transition and Referral Team at 4057 2900 or


Pictured: Four ladies standing in the kitchen around pots and pans, presenting their finished dish of honey mustard chicken with mash and steamed vegetables. 

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