Everybody can take part in Chair Yoga at The Hill

The Hill has added an exciting, new activity into their Health and Wellness program at The Hill: Chair Yoga!

Chair Yoga was identified as a good activity for participants with restricted mobility and those with health complications as a way to help maintain their level of health and wellbeing. Two staff members from The Hill were sent to complete a four day Chair Yoga Course with LV Chair Yoga Australia and are now certified in this training.

Now the Health and Wellness program at The Hill, which takes place every Thursday, starts with a session of Chair Yoga every week. After this, participants take part in a range of activities of their choice, often indulging in beauty treatments such as foot scrubs, moisturising and eating healthy treats.

As you can see, each participant is able to customise their own yoga t-shirt to wear when taking part in Chair Yoga. Participants individually designed their t-shirt by choosing stencils and screen painting the design on the front of the shirt over a four week period.

So far, participants have already been seeing a number of benefits from taking part in Chair Yoga each week.

Mandy has expressed that the breathing exercises and meditation have decreased her feelings of anxiety, and found it very empowering to make her own personal t-shirt.

Overall everyone has agreed that they’ve all benefitted, through reduced anxiety, increased flexibility and increased social skills from participating in a group environment.

The Hill is a purpose-built centre designed for people with disability with moderate to high support needs to enjoy lifestyle and leisure day services and activities. If you would like to learn more about our amazing programs and facilities, visit The Hill page on this website.


Pictured: The ladies from the Health and Wellness Program showing off their custom-t-shirts and showing off one of their chair yoga poses. 

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