Brad’s driven to be the first in his family to gain their L’s!

Meet Brad, a participant of Mai-Wel’s Step Up program aimed at supporting people with disability to build their skills, capacity and confidence for work after leaving school.

Brad entered the Step Up program with the goal to become the first person in his family to gain their driver’s licence! Currently Brad and his family rely on public transport, and Brad is fully independent in getting to and from using the bus and train routes in his area.

However, gaining a driver’s licence opens the gateway to a whole host of opportunities, with the ability to easily travel to training, education and even work opportunities. This is particularly true in our Hunter region, where some of our areas have limited public transport.

The first step for Brad was to take his Driver Knowledge Test and gain his Learner’s permit.

During his Step Up sessions, Brad was assisted to work towards this goal by first studying the theory and the Driver Knowledge Test questions. Brad also began learning the practical components of driving a car so he would have a base knowledge of what to expect once he was able to take the wheel. This included learning about road signs and the maintenance required to own and operate a car of your own.

In the period coming up to taking his Driver Knowledge Test, Brad and his Support Worker Casey went down to the Service NSW building to become familiar with the environment where he would sit for his licence. They also took this opportunity to go through the processes involved in booking, paperwork and the supports that would be in place on the day he took his test.

Finally Brad was ready to sit for his Driver Knowledge Test that would gain him his Learner’s Permit. On 18th May 2021 Brad achieved this goal!

Brad was extremely dedicated in working towards this goal and he did an amazing job before and during the test by following his motto:

“Think big, trust yourself and make it happen!”

From here, Brad will continue to gain support towards gaining his provisional licence by researching driver instructor schools to book in some driving lessons.

Well done Brad!


Man with a beard holding his L's and learner's book.

Pictured: Brad proudly showing off his new L’s and learner’s handbook. 

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