Andy’s levelling up his IT skills with work experience

Meet Andy, a participant of Mai-Wel’s Step Up program. Andy has recently been exploring various industries and work experience opportunities to discover what type of job industries he’s interested in. After completing six weeks of work experience in I.T. with Tame that Computer in Kurri Kurri, Andy thinks he may have found a career path that suits him!

When Andy started supports with Step Up he expressed a strong interest in the I.T. industry, particularly in computers and how they work. He even assisted to set up and install computers in the Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions office, demonstrating his prior knowledge and skills in this area.

In order to assess Andy’s skill with computers further and to test the waters of the I.T. world, Step Up was able to connect Andy with six week work experience at Tame that Computer Kurri Kurri. With support from the shop owner, whose name is also Andy, and Mai-Wel support worker, Catherine, Andy experienced a number of tasks to give him an idea of what work would be like in the I.T. industry. This included dismantling computers, testing functions on laptops, re-formatting computers and installing specific software.

Andy had a great experience with Tame that Computer, but his work experience isn’t stopping here. Next up for Andy is six weeks of work experience at Delnorth in Thornton, to get a sense of the Manufacturing industry.

Good luck Andy!

Work experience through Step Up has a number of fantastic benefits. It helps support workers to evaluate a participant’s skills and knowledge to figure out what steps are required to prepare them for the world of work.

Participant also benefit greatly from learning new skills and knowledge, gaining experience in an industry before committing to further education or pursuing a long-term career, and building capacity for work in general.

Need to build capacity for work? Take part in Step Up by contacting our team today at or 4015 8400, or visit the Step Up page on our Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions website to learn more.

Currently Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions is on the lookout for I.T. businesses that can provide work experience to job seekers like Andy. Step Up has a number of participants who are highly skilled with computers and have a great interest in exploring this industry further. If you’re a  business owner in the I.T. industry and would like to discuss work experience opportunities , contact Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions at or 4015 8400.


Pictured: Andy taking apart the inner components of a laptop. 

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