Participants are learning ‘All About FOOD’ at The Hub!

Participants at The Hub have been taking part in the ‘All About FOOD’ program. This program is designed to provide opportunities for people to learn the fundamentals of food preparation, cooking and other independent living skills.

During this session of ‘All About FOOD’ the focus was on hygiene, safe knife practices and cutting skills. Gabi, Karen and Chris (Gabi and Karen pictured) practiced their kitchen and personal hygiene skills before sculpting ‘food’ from kinetic sand in order to practice having a safe grip on food and the knife.

Chris said he enjoyed making ‘blue bananas’ and laughed a lot at making ‘T-Rex’ claws to practice the grip used to hold food safely while cutting. Karen was helpful by wiping down all the surfaces and checking use-by dates on food. Gabi shared with the group the importance of washing hands with soap and using gloves while handling food.

Overall, everyone had a lot of fun and built some new skills and confidence in the kitchen at the same time!

For more information about the supports on offer at The Hub in Maitland to help build skills, social connection and have fun, contact the Mai-Wel Support Transition and Referral Team on 4057 2900 or


Pictured: Karen keeping the benches tidy by spraying and wiping them before and after food prep. 

Pictured: Gabi practicing her knife skills by cutting blue kinetic sand shaped like chicken breasts. 

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